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At last, gone are the days of repeating ourselves over and over again. We have arrived at total peace and everything is good in the world, (kinda).

How we took a simple idea and made a book.

About two years ago my wife and I decided to print out the rules of the house and hang them on the wall of our hallway. Our then 5-year-old son would walk by them and barely notice they were there.

At first, the list was only a few items with points like – “follow directions”, “remember your manners”, and “eat your meals.” These were good but too vague, and they didn’t really teach anything.

We were frustrated. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good kid, but like most kids, he certainly has his moments too. The rules hanging on the wall were not helping.

We found ourselves trying to explain why each rule is important right after one of the rules was not followed, and it seemed like after a few minutes he just tuned us out. Our timing was off and we felt like we were lecturing.

Our list got bigger and longer and our frustration grew. A bigger and longer list was not what we needed. So what did we do? We took this one simple idea and made a book. My wife and I were up late one night discussing his behavior and what we could do to help him, then it hit us.

“What if we took each of the rules, wrote a big title on a page then listed a few reasons why we have each rule and print it as a book?” She asked.

We did it! It came out really nice too, so we waited to give it to our son as a Christmas gift. We added a short personal message printed inside the cover and after seeing his name inside the book, we knew it was a hit. He loved it!

Our son is now 7 and we have since added another member of the family shortly after that Christmas. Now, he reads this book to his 2-year-old little brother and we are so proud of how much of an impact such a simple idea had on him and his behavior.

And now we are so happy to be able to bring Some Rules For Kids to you and your family.

Of course, this book is already available for purchase on Amazon, however, we would be happy to send you a free e-book version for you to view in exchange for an honest review either in public on Amazon or personally through email.

We view all feedback as constructive and welcome. We appreciate the time and thoughts as we continue to receive and look to constantly better ourselves and our publication.

Thank you for your support!

– J & A Barone