We are tenacious, loving and energetic parents who enjoy the outdoors, good food, and the everyday challenge of raising 2 boys in world full of digital distractions and over the top influencers.

Mr. Barone grew up in the suburbs of New York City. As a child, he was always outdoors playing and exploring. With frequent trips to the city, he was fortunate to explore a wide and diverse landscape of experience as a young adult.

Mr. Barone had a career in the music industry and later, the technology industry. He has been fortunate to spend almost a decade teaching a wide variety of people new and emerging technologies as a product trainer for a widely known Fortune 500 company.

Mrs. Barone immigrated to America in the late 80s and grew up in a small coastal Connecticut town. Having been exposed through young adulthood to all New England has to offer, she acquired a great respect for nature and the outdoors while forging her career in the finance industry.

2008 brought hard times to many and both authors decided to start down a new path. With career changes for both, he decided to move his talents to web design and marketing, and with love and support, she decided to stay at home and raise their children.

As our children are bombarded with the everyday stimulus of technology and information, the continual influence of devices and screens pervades our fast-paced lifestyle. Both authors noticed a gap on the bookshelves for clearly written, simple-to-understand rules for children.

Author Picture - Mom Dad and our 2 boys

The Barone family now lives in Connecticut together with two young homeschooled boys and accepts the challenge of helping our youth get back to the basics of understanding manners, learning, and listening.

Find out more about the story of how we came up the idea for our book here.